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Oracle consultations and services
Custom-made Software
IS (information systems): consultations, implementation, project leadership
IS interconnections: design, implementation
Knowledge-based systems: ontology, topic maps
IT specialist outsourcing and bodyshopping for ICT projects
Oracle consultations and services
  • Oracle Security Audit
  • We offer execution of Oracle db audit concerning all possible aspects of management, safety, backup and performance of oracle db from version 9i and including RAC. Reliability improvements, db performance increase, management simplicity and safety improvements of loaded data are the main goals. As a result of db audit we provide protocol with recommendations, resp. implementation of additional Oracle components and features if required. Performance and Security audit is provided by our own SW tool IPE OSM (Security Manager for DB Oracle).
  • Database Installation
  • We provide installation of Oracle db as well as installation of Oracle RAC (Real Application Cluster). DB installation consists of db creation, tuning before putting it into operation, backup and recovery concept creation and migration application's data if required.
  • Data migration
  • We provide migrations from old to new versions of Oracle db, data migrations from one application to another or more complicated cases including data conversions.
  • Data warehouse
  • We provide design and implementation of selected, cumulated data used for consequent queries and reports in decision making process as well as for monitoring of already implemented processes.
  • RAC (cluster)
  • Migration from MSSQL server to RDBMS Oracle
  • Backup and recovery process
  • Disaster recovery
  • High Avalability Concept
  • RAC, disaster recovery,backup concept, security check
    Custom-made Software
    As the customer needs for IS vary according to its core business and HW means we provide analysis and design of suitable SW system with respect to current or/and required architectonic solution. Customer can also get a software based on this design if required. We are also able to provide SW development according to analysis and design of customer delivery. We have a lot of experience with small applications of client/server type as well as with robust solutions based on 3 tier architecture using application servers, load balancing, or even cluster solution. Our solutions use database platform Oracle ,Caché and Microsoft SQL Server and development platform based on Java, Visual Studio .NET, Delphi, JSP, Oracle Forms, PL/SQL, AJAX.
    Implementation and interconnection of IS
    Information system has the key role in management and support of core business processes. The choice and implementation of suitable IS then can be the most important factor of the success or failure of the company.
    Our firm has experience with every single phase of the process, from the initial analysis , through individual feasibility studies, consequent selection of IS and its implementation. Important and integral part of the process is the data conversion and interconnection of the new IS with the older ones.
    IT specialist outsourcing and bodyshopping for ICT projects
    We are able to lease specialists of different types for various IT projects. Basically it concerns project managers, quality assurance specialists, programmers with knowledge of Java, JSP, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, Caché, CSP, ZEN.