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About the company
IPE is a small IT company based on the people with great experience in the IT system development, IT system implementation, testing, interface and system integration implementation for the customers like ČEZ, Landis+Gyr, ArcelorMittal, MSA Dolní Benešov, Sigma Lutín, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Commerzbank, Aareal bank, AXA bank and many others. IPE disposes of Oracle certified specialists and IPE is the application partner of InterSystems Corporation.
Activity fields
Our domain field is information and knowledge. We take care of data storage, processing, usage, management and data security. Our activities can be divided into 3 main parts:
  • Oracle database and products field includes consultations and services like data migrations, db instalations, security db audits, db optimalizations, data warehouse, RAC and others.
  • Information systems field includes development, implementation, testing and interconnection of IT systems based mostly on Oracle, Caché, Java and .NET technologies.
  • Knowledge base systems field includes ontology and knowledge base in the whole life cycle and it's integration to IT systems.